Informal Transport Council

The combined informal Environment and Transport Council will take place in the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam on 14 and 15 April 2016. This will be the first meeting of EU environment and transport ministers to informally discuss smart and green mobility.

The overarching theme of the combined informal Environment and Transport Council will be innovation in technology and policy towards green and smart solutions for mobility.

Innovative methods will be used during the meeting itself (scenario-based policy discussion) and the programme will include time to attend the final event, which will be taking place simultaneously at the EYE Film Museum.


The programme for the combined informal Environment and Transport Council will consist of five parts:

  1. A session for the environment and transport ministers together, focusing on innovation.
  2. A session for transport ministers, focusing on smart solutions for mobility.
  3. A session for environment ministers, focusing on green solutions for mobility.
  4. Discussion, probably of the follow-up to the Climate Summit in Paris, plus other matters.
  5. A session including working visits and a visit to the innovation relay.

Truck platooning

The session for tranport ministers will include a short film on truck platooning and the Truck Platooning Challenge. A representative of the European truck manufacturers will bring the importance of truck platooning to the attention of the 28 European ministers.