Corridors to drive

The world’s first ever cross border truck platooning initiative!

This unique initiative will send truck platoons (six brands) driving from a range of European countries to the APM Terminals, Maasvlakte II in the Port of Rotterdam.

The truck platoons will all depart from their home base or production location. Scania will leave from Södertalje, south of Stockholm, driving through Sweden, Denmark and Germany to Maasvlakte II in the Port of Rotterdam, making a stop in Zolder, Belgium and in Zwolle, Netherlands. Volvo will start from Gothenburg, driving through the same countries, and stopping in Vilvoorde. Daimler will start from Stuttgart and MAN from Munich (both in Southern Germany). Meanwhile, IVECO will depart from Brussels and DAF from their production location in Westerlo, Belgium.

Scania has the longest route in the European Truck Platooning Challenge. This is over 2,000 kms, and crosses four borders.  

The teams from the six brands will only platoon on motorways in normal traffic conditions. Local conditions will dictate whether or not they platoon for the whole route. Configurations of infrastructure and traffic density can differ a lot from location to location. Naturally, the priority is safety for all road users. The only successful European Truck Platooning Challenge will be a safe one. This is a shared task for truck manufacturers and the authorities.

The five countries involved are Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Their road authorities are in close contact, sharing views on aspects including assessment of exemption applications, providing data to facilitate the truck platoons, and guiding platoons during the Challenge. This represents initial steps to harmonisation from the side of the road authorities.

Below are the intended corridors to drive. As soon as the corridors are finalised, we will publish them here.