What is Truck Platooning?

Truck Platooning comprises a number of trucks equipped with state-of-the-art driving support systems – one closely following the other. This forms a platoon with the trucks driven by smart technology, and mutually communicating. Truck platooning is innovative and full of promise and potential for the transport sector.

With the following trucks braking immediately, with zero reaction time, platooning can improve traffic safety. Platooning is also a cost-saver as the trucks drive close together at a constant speed. This means lower fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions. And, lastly, platooning efficiently boosts traffic flows thereby reducing tail-backs. Meanwhile the short distance between vehicles means less space taken up on the road.

At the same time the impact of truck platooning goes far beyond the transport sector. Automated driving and smart mobility also offer realistic chances to optimise the labour market, logistics and industry.

Opportunity for Europe

Truck platooning is a great opportunity for Europe. Worldwide, the European truck industry leads the field in terms of smart driving. ICT and telecom sectors are also ready for the next step in smart mobility. Together, the EU member states could give European Truck Platooning a boost. To this end, EU member states are now invited to:

  • grant permission for truck platooning through their national road authorities
  • implement innovations that improve safety, efficiency and the environment
  • enable this boost to the position of the European truck industry
  • which could create new jobs and economic growth in the traffic and transport sector
  • enable the market introduction of automated trucks through a coordinated approach
  • seize the momentum; time for action.