Booklet Lessons Learnt

This booklet contains results and evaluations on the European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016 (6 April). Although the Challenge was not a research project it provided a unique opportunity to gain experience and accumulate knowledge regarding cross border truck platooning on public roads with mixed traffic. 

With an eye to moving forward, ACEA (yellow pages) and the authorities use this booklet to review what the Challenge has realised to date. The review takes in several sources as building blocks for future European truck platooning corridors and initiatives.

EU Commissioner of Transport, Violeta Bulc received the booklet during the TEN-T days (20-22 June 2016) in the famous Van Nelle factories in Rotterdam out of the hands of programme director EU Truck Platooning Challenge Dirk-Jan de Bruijn (Rijkswaterstaat).

The EU Truck Platooning Challenge is a textbook illustration of the ‘learning and showing by doing’ approach promoted by the Dutch presidency, based on a healthy interaction between thinking and doing.